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I make a living building furniture for private homes and offices. I see how others live, and learn to understand how they wish to live. What’s most interesting to me is what they choose to discard. Worn doors, broken windowpanes and three-legged chairs are dragged to the corner or the dumpster because they no longer work in the traditional sense. I seek such abandoned objects to create new functional objects – lamps, clocks, and tables – as sculpture. My intent is not to change the quality of the material, or its original character, but to demonstrate the constant, dynamic existence of such common devices.

When I see a displaced object, I see a story, a history, and a future. I don’t try to mask or hide the scars of an object’s past life but instead I honor the experience each object brings along. I create new relationships between objects – and new purpose for them. Some are given a second life, literally. I animate pieces with batteries, light bulbs or mirrors. To some I just give legs and arms. They become subtle variations of their original selves – or whole new things, possibly only because of what they used to be.

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